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Bio: I've been passionate about natural healing after going the allopathic route (steroids?! as a child) which made me sicker and sicker and offered no help with what I now know was a severe case of Candida. I think my first books I read was Back To Eden, Adelle Davis, Norman Walker, the Daimonds...then Ed Mcabe's Oxygen Therapies. Being Chinese myself I got into Sunrider Chinese Whole Food Herbs, homeopathics, and Energetic medicine. Love to research about natural healing and had to put it all in one spot instead of emailing bits and pieces to friends/family. I guess I'm a little bit slow...better now than never! Please excuse its infancy. I have about 20 more posts in Drafts form!!! 🙂 Its just a place for me to post. Do not know how to program and customize (how do I get rid of the double columns on the right side? Not enough time to figure these things out yet.

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