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How would you like to use the power of your own cells to make them behave like EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS using just food? DR RONGXIANG XU proved this in his 300 pg PDF. Unfortunately he was sadly murdered in 2015. BUT FORTUNATELY HIS RESEARCH LIVES ON AT: HARVARD, USC, UC DAVIS, CAL STATE LA!

Its already is world-wide known for use on burn victims and they used that technology now for the entire body!

The company now is in USA but they are just starting to get US websites going so please excuse the video translations in English that we have now.

3 min video on how it regenerates:

MEBO Founder: Video Introduction of National Rongxiang Xu Foundation. NOW AT HARVARD, USC, UC DAVIS, CAL STATE LA!!

MEBO – HUMAN REGENERATION HAS BEGUN… using the power of your own body!

How its done:

for Ultimate Stem Cell Activity and Rejuvenation like we’ve not seen before.   I’ve told some of you years ago they were regrowing fingers using energetic frequencies in RUSSIA. Guess CHINA beat them! It’s manufactured and shipped from USA! Rememeber I said ENERGETIC MEDICINE WILL BE THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE!!


MEBO – Selling in 40-countries, NOW available in the USA and Canada.
MEBO – A world leader for 28 yrs, always on the cutting edge in Human Cell
MEBO is a very successful organization producing $2 Billion annually.
MEBO – NEWS FLASH: In January 2017, USA based NORLAND Inc acquired 100% of the worldwide ownership of all facets of MEBO Intl!
MEBO activates the brain and stem cell activity to the extent of regrowing organs and chopped off fingers with full use, including the bone, tissue, nerves, nail, and… with the original fingerprint!
Clinical studies and Protected by  by 12 US Patents, and 17 International Patents.
Which of your Machines, Juices, Lotions, Potions, or Nutritionals ever grew back a finger with skin, bone, nail with the same finger print? An organ or a joint? 
Visualize MEBO coursing through your arterial and digestive system regenerating the cells in your joints, organs… your whole body.
MEBO – In just 2 yrs alone, over $1.8 BILLION in sales have been generated worldwide by MEBO Intl and NORLAND Inc.
MEBO – It’s almost impossible to find a near miraculous, clinically documented, consumable health product that everyone needs. Especially one that virtually NO ONE has even heard about!
MEBO – TRUE FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE – only 300 distributors in the USA and Canada now! This will surely be one of the biggest networking companies of all time!


Another Website to look at:

Enters into human cells in 10 minutes.  Excretes toxic scales in various colors in 16 to 24 hours & will continue to work for 10 to 90 days!!

There’s a 300 pg pdf also. Email me if you want it. The DR spoke at Harvard and Stanford regarding the skin regeneration. There are graphic photos.

They have tablets for regeneration and then a detox program that’s out of this world. You can actually see the different colored junk coming out of you w/in 16 hrs! Someone who was crippled started walking again in like 4 hrs??


for Ultimate Stem Cell Activity and Rejuvenation like we’ve not seen before.

We’ve all only been on Mebo for a few weeks and nobody complains… but rather everyone seems

happy with the results so far.


for Ultimate Stem Cell Activity and Rejuvenation

Obviously the potential Health and Financial benefits of representing MEBO are enormous and we welcome your call with questions, regarding the wholesale pricing and preferred Dist placement.

Also long term prosperity. Take immediate Action Now, and be the 1st in your circle of influence to represent MEBO!

Purchase Options:

Recommend 1 Detox & Min. 8 bottles (4 sets) MEBO

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Here are 12 true reasons why you might want to consider adding H2 to your diet:

  1. Legitimate claims made by honest vendors of H2 products can all be backed by scientific studies which is not true of most supplements available on the market (note: please be wary of H2 companies making claims that seem too good to be true – you can always check in with us and we will ask the leading scientists in the industry who help us if we don’t know the answers ourselves)
  2. H2 neutralizes/reduces the most harmful free radical (hydroxyl radical), converting it to water according to the reaction H2 + 2*OH -> 2H2 (see Nature publication)
  3. By reducing the hydroxyl radical, H2 effectively reduces oxidative stress
  4. H2 effectively reduces inflammation which is associated with many diseases as well as aching body parts
  5. H2 doesn’t neutralize other useful and necessary free radicals which may not be the case for other antioxidants
  6. H2 is the smallest molecule (1/88 the size of Vitamin C) allowing it to be effective in areas that other much larger antioxidants and supplements will never reach
  7. H2 helps your body naturally produce other antioxidants such as glutathione – note that glutathione supplements offered for sale are proteins which get digested and broken down into other molecules in the GI Tract (stomach and small intestine) and therefore don’t do what people think they are intended to do
  8. H2 helps athletes in numerous ways including reducing lactate (lactic acid) production which can limit performance and training and published studies show H2 helps in recovery
  9. Molecular hydrogen leaves no waste product after neutralizing a free radical (as the byproduct is water) unlike other antioxidants that must either be neutralized themselves after donating their electrons to free radicals or must be removed entirely from the body
  10. Molecular hydrogen also appears to act as a signaling molecule, thereby providing many other benefits
  11. Molecular hydrogen is easily consumed with no additional calories
  12. Molecular hydrogen has no known adverse toxic effects and there has been no evidence found that you can take too much H2. However, for some people in rare cases, drinking hydrogen-rich water can cause loose stools, which for some is also an added benefit.


H2 Tablets & Portable H2 Go machine!

Make your own H2 water on demand!:



Introducing the Brilliantz GO, now you can create molecular hydrogen anywhere.

The Brilliantz GO represents the latest development in
portable hydrogen generators.
The GO produces approximately 1ppm or more of H2 depending on the settings and will improve with more use as the membrane is “worked in”.
The GO has a 350 ml glass container and you can also
attach different brands of water bottles to the GO
The GO can be used approximately 8-12 times between
charges and can be charged by connecting to a wall
plug, your car, or a computer with a USB plug.
The GO is priced 25% to 50% less than any other
portable product on the market even though the GO
uses superior materials and technology.


Bottled H2 with Stress B Vits and electrolytes! Makes everything else work better:

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For more research go to the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation:

Most multi-functional Free Radical Scavenger & Antioxidant: H2