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Trend to going CASHLESS


btc-logo With Great Danger Comes Great Opportunity

The Chinese character for crisis illustrates that “with great danger comes great opportunity”. Here is an illustration. What do you know about the movement to outlaw cash? It is picking up speed all

The Chinese character for crisis illustrates that “with great danger comes great opportunity“. Here is an illustration.

What do you know about the movement to outlaw cash? It is picking up speed all over the world. Bankers are saying it is inevitable. Already India has banned some currency and Australian banks are no longer going to accept or dispense cash at some branches. Here in the U.S. they want to outlaw the $100 bill and force you to use small denomination bills.

You see, if all the world’s people must use digital “money”, nothing more than some electronic digits on some banker’s computer, they can track everything down to the digital penny.

  • ·         How much your income is from all sources, even garage sales
  • ·         Exactly what you spend and exactly what products and services you buy
  • ·         Exactly how much you sell stuff for plus a transparent record of what you might have made “off the books” in the past.

Financial privacy has now become an evil to be stamped out. But, the real evil in this drive to stamp out cash is that the rulers of the world, the central bankers and billionaire elite, will gain the power to enforce draconian laws. The government of the U.S. is $19.8 trillion in debt. Do you think they’ll hesitate to simply begin taking money from your accounts in the guise of new taxes?

With our four largest banks buried in failed derivative debt and equity in the bank as low as 1.5% a new law legalizes “bail-ins” here in the U.S. It is simple, really. Any money you have on deposit in the bank is not your money! It becomes the bank’s money and you become a creditor of the bank.

When the banks fail this time around there is simply not enough “bail-out” money to save the banks that are “too big to fail”. Watch for a bail-in here in the good ole USA that will make the Cyprus bail-in theft look like petty thievery.

But, here’s the thing….the war on cash is driving cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, into the stratosphere. When it was first launched it came out at 12¢. Recently, the price has been hovering around $770 for one Bitcoin!

Bitcoin operates from the cloud using a disruptive technology called the blockchain. It is secure, encrypted, anonymous but transparent and, perhaps most importantly, it can’t be counterfeited. Unlike digital dollars that the idiotic PhD economists who run the Federal Reserve have dumped on markets using the term quantitative easing, nobody can dump Bitcoin on the market.

As you are well aware value is about supply and demand. The supply of circulating Bitcoin is limited by unalterable “baked in the cake” coding in the blockchain.

Small amounts of bitcoin can be “mined” by people with the computational power, but, like mining for gold, mining Bitcoin requires enormous effort, time and money.

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