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Making Own Natural Deodorant!

I used to be a distributor for SUNRIDER INTL – Chinese Whole Food Herbs back before anyone knew about Green teas or Stevia. They were ahead of their times. They were the first ones to bring Stevia here in the USA. Anyway my husband loves the SUNBREEZE balms. I could have tried to make my own but I never knew what CASSIA oil was. Finally saw it was just Chinese Cinnamon. 3 yrs ago I bought the ingredients to make it but never got around to doing it?! FINALLY he needed an all day deodorant that really would last all day! The one I had made before did work but not for those hot and stressful days! That was just using Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water and just put in a spray bottle…needs to be diluted enough that it won’t plug up the sprayer…and then added my homemade concoction of essential oils that smelled like THIEVES OIL.

Oh forgot to mention the reason to make your own! Most deodorants contain ALUMINUM!! YUK!! Even the natural one was a crystal stick that worked amazingly well but it had aluminum also but they say too big to penetrate but my health ghuru, founder of NEWANGELAFOUNDATION didn’t trust that. soooo….


I used empty containers of SUNBREEZE …so you will have to be creative for your containers…combined the 2 links below by just adding some baking soda, a few drops of lavendar, rosemary, peppermint and maybe tea tree oil. The coconut scent really comes through! I combined these 2 techniques: I added the essential oils mentioned in the 2nd link to the 1st link.[/embed]!/~/product/category=4747006&id=24359922

ALso soo excited about making my own natural sunscreen!!! I totally forgot I had a TON OF ZINC OXIDE when I was making some lotion…but we don’t use sunscreen that much and so always have to throw them away from expiring even though I keep in the frig…

CHECK THIS OUT!!! I just ordered the other oils!!! Update: Made it and love it! I only put 1/2 the zinc oxide because don’t like it to turn white on skin. The SPF should still be fine…we can just reapply if have to.

Homemade bug spray also!

Omgosh FF a yr or so and now I am making my own MAKEUP!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Mineral makeup always dries up your skin like crazy and usually makes it look like an ELEPHANT SKIN! But if you add the right moisturizers that solves that issue! Once again thanks to wellnessmama! I knew about raw cacao but when I mixed it with the shea butter it turned it an ugly gray color and it made it gritty so i omitted that! but mixing raw cream/cocoa and use on face as a facial works great.

Husband’s been using the deodorant now and loves it. Works great. He’s running out again . This will be my 3rd batch coming up! So had to review here. Noticed Wellnessmama’s link not here. Hers says essential oils are optional? didn’t know just plain coconut oil/b.soda works by itself? I did NOT use any arrowroot.








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