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SUPERFOODS to add to your diet

One of the most nutritious foods to incorporate into your diet! Packed full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Rice Bran is the layer between the inner white rice grain and the outer hull. While comprising just 8% of total weight, Rice Bran (which includes the germ) accounts for 60% of the nutrients found in each rice kernel. Ordinarily, the oil in Rice Bran quickly spoils, but ours has undergone an all-natural but effective stabilization process to ensure its freshness. Bob’s Red Mill Rice Bran is low in fat and calorie and a good source of dietary fiber, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Can be easily added to fruit smoothies, cereals, and baked goods.

I had recommended : Because it was such a good price until I took it to my Doctor’s and he tested it and it was RANCID!!! They don’t test for rancidity I found out.

One%2018 oz Bob’s Red Mill Rice BranSingle pack Rice Bran

SO now am using SwansonsVitamins. They specifically test for RANCIDITY and it smells so wonderful AND TASTES WONDERFUL!!

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More than 600 million tons of rice are harvested annually worldwide and most of its nutritional value is in bran and germ from rice, according to NutraCea. Rice bran offers various health benefits due to its content of antioxidants, vitamin E, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Rice bran’s antioxidants work through different processes to result in positive effects on the biological system. Rice bran also serves as a natural source of phytosterols, which provide blood-sugar control, prostate health and cholesterol metabolism. Rice bran is naturally lactose-free, gluten-free and hypoallergenic, making it a tolerable health product for a variety of tastes. While there are numerous health benefits of rice bran, there are some side effects associated with regular consumption, depending on the individual’s metabolism, type of consumption and frequency of intake.

Fights Chronic Conditions

The various phytonutrients in rice bran have significant disease-preventing benefits, according to evidence from experimental research studies described on Phytonutrients such as inositol, rice oil, ferulic acid, gamma-oryzanol, plant sterols, and others benefit people with conditions including cancer, fatty liver, kidney stones, and heart disease. Rice bran also improves plasma lipid profiles, making it effective in reducing total plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentration, while also increasing the high density lipoprotein cholesterol level.

 ANother great product is PINE FLOWER POLLEN!

Comes from PRISTINE COUNTRYSIDE of CHINA…very inexpensive but it does take awhile to get here. Good customer service.

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500g%20Wild Harvested 98% Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen Powder OS authenticationPINE FLOWER POLLEN

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Another GREAT SUPERFOOD! WACHTER’s 2 lb SEAMIN categorized as fertilizer but will save you hundreds by not taking the tablets. They are the same thing.Contains 61 or more minerals and trace minerals or elements, including all 56 minerals and trace elements that the body requires. These minerals are naturally chelated by “Nature’s Laboratory”.

To Order: Mention my name or the name of this BLOG:

Evidentally also seaweeds don’t absorb radiation and in fact help protect you the more they are exposed to it. Wachter’s has a study and here’s more to confirm:

Wachter was healed when he contracted TB on a piano concert tour using this formula! HE then walked over 10,000 miles from NOME, ALASKA to NEW YORK!!!

Also if you dilute or make a super saturated PINK HIMALAYAN salt solution that’s supposed to have all 90 minerals!