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Did you know that once coffee is ground and hits oxygen it starts degrading in just a few  minutes and can cause free radical damage in your body? Coffee does contain great antioxidants to counteract them but how about fresh brewed on demand every time with just a just squirt out of a nitrogen packed can?  Sound too good to be true? Look no further than SUMMA CAFé! They used roasted GREEN coffee beans and combined it with Raspberry ketones and also 3 strains of the Ganoderma Mushroom…let alone the fat burning Garcinia Cambogia! All nonGMO!

I don’t drink coffee but I have put the fresh grounds on top of ice cream! The texture of the crunch adds to the adventure! I then put the grounds in my freezer. I stay away from refined sugars so I don’t eat much of this delectable treat. Sad to say it sat there for quite awhile. I was pretty aghast when I heard how fast it turns rancid. I probably thought it would go bad but not that fast…(like flax seeds and live whole wheat flour does before they kill the life out). I thought I could taste the rancidity? In any case, eXfuze went all out for taste, freshness and quality! ITS ORGANIC and NONGMO!

Many people are putting a few squirts in this company’s protein weight loss shake and it tastes like a Starbucks Frappacinno.

Are you spending too much on your coffee? Here’s how to get your coffee free for life! Just refer 4 people! Can get a free can (if you like it then later get 2 cans on autoship. Can always call to cancel): first come first serve right quantities!

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Video on how they formulated the drink and technology:

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If  you are in a hurry, Fast Frwd to 3:56 where it starts about the formulation. Hi-tech delivery system: 9:00…then come back and rewatch from the beginning if interested! After 12:30 it talks about how fast coffee starts going rancid and the benefits of Summa Café!…how they formulated the drink and technology.

What is SUMMA Café?

eXfuze developed a truly healthy, industry first, liquid coffee, at an affordable price for ALL coffee lovers. Although other  companies have “their versions of healthy instant coffee”, the truth is that they do not mix well, taste good, or offer a long-term consumption value opportunity. Not so with SUMMA.

The challenge for eXfuze was to create a liquid coffee that tastes like fresh brewed. So they used a proprietary extraction technology to create a truly healthy coffee… and not just claim it is good for you.
Introducing SUMMA…a great tasting, healthy, no-preservative, full-of extracts (not fairy dusted), truly instant, liquid concentrated coffee that:

Tastes Great — can be consumed black …it tastes that good.
Mixes Well — no residue of grounds or gunk at the bottom.

Can be HOT or COLD — meeting the need for the go-fast market (try ice coffee with a freeze dried product).

Has Patent-pending Technology — allowing it to be FREE of preservatives yet have a long shelf-life without rancidity.

Is Healthy — with the incredible Ganoderma mushroom in a liquid extract technology.

Is Thermogenic — with Green coffee beans, Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Keytones– drink coffee and burn fat?

Has Great Anti-Oxidant capability — because it’s freshly brewed, not ‘re-brewed’, thus we remove the oxidative risk!

eXfuze has been developing a formula to create a truly healthy, industry first, liquid coffee for several years, the problem has always been the inability to stabilize liquid coffee.
Coffee after about an hour, has an oxidative effect

Oxidation causes rust on a car and has a similar effect on the inside of a human body.

Have you heard of the Reishi mushroom? Ganoderma is another name for REISHI! See the benefits!:

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