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Oral Liposomal Vitamin C vs Intravenous VIT C! – Make your own!

Wow if one googles the above you’ll find many recipes how to make your own but I always liked whole foods and stayed away from ASCORBIC ACID when I became aware and even MORE SO NOW since it could be GMO!!

So I found one person who actually used a WHOLE FOOD ACEROLA CHERRY to make it!! He has 7000 people he helps with REAL RESULTS including stage IV cancers!! Shhh !! he doesn’t want to get shut down so can’t put testimonies up! He says he only sees results for these people using ACEROLA CHERRY vs ASCORBIC ACID . His name is Troy.

Here’s his website:

LivingHerbalFarmacy – Troy’s website

ANd here’s the least expensive place to get the ACEROLA CHERRY! Less than at Troy’s. I contacted them to make sure the MALTODEXTRIN was only less than 1% and NONGMO!!

For best priced ACEROLA CHERRY click below:


They have a ton of other goodies too! WOW!!

Click here for their SUPERSTORE

Hello again,

The Maltodextrin in our Acerola powder is a very little trace amount, less than 1%, that’s why it is not written specifically on the label.


The Maltodextrin used in our Acerola powder is NON-GMO.

Have a great day 🙂

The Livesuperfoods team

FOR using ASCORBIC ACID there’s other recipes…make sure NONGMO! But use LOW setting on blender (TROY said) see the coma video on pneumonia! And please eat with RUTIN or Bioflavanoids to protect your cell walls! Just found out a local therapist who tests a lot of products on her biomeridian assessment machine says ascorbic acid will compromise your cells walls unless buffered with RUTIN or BIOFLAVANOIDS! Good thing I have an orange tree and been making my own powdered orange peels! But I just made a batch using LIVESUPERFOODS ACEROLA CHERRY! turned out great! It foamed a little at first but then it was fine. I used Troy’s recipe so it was a 1:1 ratio of C and Lecithin. Don’t know why the 2 links below use so much lecithin. This doesn’t taste as good though so no wonder Troy suggests apple juice. I’ve used chocolate flavored Stevia and that helps also!

From SwansonsVitamins – get $5 coupon on first order: