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Natural Pain Killer – Stronger than Morphine but Non-Addicting!

Nyloxin is 100% Safe to Treat Chronic Arthritis and Joint Pain

Nyloxin is believed to work by targeting some of the same receptors on nerve cells that are also recognized by nicotine. These receptors are found in nerves outside the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and they are also found on cells of the immune system. Specialized proteins in Nyloxin block the action of acetylcholine, a major stimulating neurotransmitter in the nervous system and activator of the inflammatory pathways. As a result, the pain and inflammation pathways are temporarily shut off. In some clinical studies, Nyloxin pain relieving products could provide prolonged chronic muscle and joint relief.

Nyloxin in Traditional Medicine

In ancient China, cobra venom saw its primary use in the treatment of cancer and arthritis. Reportedly the venom was used to treat liver cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, skin cancer, and leukemia. In the Indian Unani system of medicine, cobra venom has been used as a tonic, aphrodisiac, hepatic stimulant and for revival in collapsed conditions. In India and China, such venoms are administered at specialized medical centers and for an extensive array of applications.

Today in Traditional Chinese Medicine, cobra venom sees its application mainly to the control of pain. A purified neurotoxin from the cobra was introduced to market as an analgesic by Kunming Institute of Zoology in 1978. A modified version of this neurotoxin (Fu Fang Ke Tong Ning) was developed and put into market in 2000. The new drug became a mixture of cobrotoxin, ibuprofen, and Qu Ma Du. Qu Ma Du (believed to be Tramadol) is a narcotic analgesic with low addictive potential. The new drug takes effects faster, long lasting and is safe. This drug is now also used as for treatment of drug addiction in the Chinese province of Yunnan.

Nyloxin in American Medicine

The medical application of cobra venom was incorporated into the Materia Medica in the 1800s along with several other snake venoms. In the early 1900s, Calmette (of BCG fame) investigated the use of cobra venom in the treatment of cancer in mice. It was subsequently applied clinically to subjects with cancer where it established a reputation in France for relieving pain. In 1936, Macht, a researcher within the pharmaceutical company, Westcott, Hynson and Dunning, showed that cobra venom, when injected in minute doses, produced analgesic effects that were superior to morphine in activity. In fact, cobra venom was employed when morphine was no longer effective or when patients became addicted to the opiate. Cobra venom proved to be 80% effective in the clinic for the treatment of headache and arthritis pain and it allowed long-term control of chronic pain conditions without addictive problems. A feature of this venom product was its slow onset of analgesic activity however its activity is prolonged. In 1938, acceptance of homeopathic medicine including cobra venom was incorporated into the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act sponsored by Royal Copeland. In the latter part of the last century cobra venoms were studied for the treatment of severe pain but also rheumatism, trigeminal neuralgia, asthma, ocular therapy, and neuroses.

Current Medical Research using Cobra Venom

Today, cobra venom is being studied for treating various forms of pain, cancers, autoimmune and neurological disorders. The Nutra Pharma subsidiary, ReceptoPharm, and other researchers have definitively proven that cobra venom contains constituents that control pain and inflammation. Researchers in China are examining the possibility that cobra venom can be used to treat drug addiction. The National Cancer Institute in Italy has participated in Chinese clinical trials to assess the efficacy of cobra toxins in controlling post operative pain and moderate to severe cancer pain.

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The free sample is REGULAR STRENGTH but for EXTRA STRENGTH one can DOUBLE THE DOSAGE! so for the spray bottle, spray 4x 8x/day instead of 2x/4x a day.

Just in the USA over 20,000 people will die this year from traditional pain meds and over 100,000 will become addicted to them. Nyloxin is getting a 97% Success Rate. Especially when you use it correctly.  #1 for real pain use both gel and spray. #2 drink water when using the spray #3 give it a full 5 to 10 days to into a person’s system. The gel is for shallow pain and most times works within 15 minutes. But for real pain you need both the gel and the spray and the person in pain needs to use it consistently for up to 10 days. For one person who has been in serious chronic pain for over 20 years and was almost ready to give up on ever finding pain relief found it with Nyloxin. After 14 days she was pain free!


Can listen to more on Nyloxin from the Formulator:

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PROMINENT Pain Specialist on staff at 3 SCRIPPS HOSPITALS in San Diego! Dr. Brad Eli, who is the founder and director of the San Diego Headache and Facial Pain Center, saw 80% success rate from the worst pain patients…Noticed his patients will RESPOND LIKELY within 15 min of 1st time usage if one of the 80%. see below for Transcript from an audio from him.

600x more powerful than MORPHINE on molecular level with NO SIDE EFFECTS! Lasts LONGER and you use LESS the longer you use it!

For those who rather read:

Dr Ron Cook:                          We’re honored to have my good friend and colleague, Dr. Brad Eli as a MyNyloxin special guest speaker tonight. So Dr. Eli is the founder and director of the San Diego Headache and Facial Pain center in Encinitas, California where has developed a multi-disciplinary approach in treating both acute and chronic oral facial pain. Including migraines, stress and tension headaches, mild facial pain, neuralgias, TMJ jaw disorders, burning tongue syndrome, central nervous system pain, and head and neck injuries.

So after completing his dental training in Philadelphia, Dr. Eli completed a 2-year residency in oral facial pain and dysfunction at the prestigious UCLA Pain Management program. He is also a diplomat of the American Board of Facial Pain and I know how difficult that is to obtain. He has taught at several universities and is on the staff at the University of California San Diego Medical Center as well as 3 SCRIPPS hospitals in the San Diego area. So with over 25 years of unique clinical and didactic experience, Dr. Eli is well versed to discuss pain disorders. He is in the trenches, so to speak, treating pain patients everyday. Dr. Eli is also an accomplished private pilot and has several inventions in the field of pain and [1:32] disorders and he continues to do research in those fields today.

So again we are honored to have you join us tonight, Brad. So  please share your Nyloxin experiences with us and tell us how you’ve utilized the product. Go ahead, you’ve got the floor man.

Dr. Eli:                      All right, thanks so much Ron and thank you everybody for your respect in giving me the honor to talk with you tonight. I am really overwhelmed by the outpouring. Dr. Cook was kind enough to bring this product to my attention approximately two and a half months ago. And two and a half months ago, prior to that, I never heard of MyNyloxin, I never knew what Cobroxin was, I never knew anything about this product or its availability, its bioavailability, its method of action.

Twenty five years ago, oh my god I think about that and I think where did the time go, but for 25+ years I have been coming to work everyday to see the patients that everyone in practice thinks of and thinks, “Oh my god I don’t want to see that person anymore.” As a matter of fact, when I first started in practice, that was how I started my practice in San Diego. I literally went to a hundred doctors offices and I said, “My name is Brad Eli. I am an expert in head, neck, and facial pain. Look through your daily record and think about the person that you never want to see again. That’s who I will take care of,” and the rest is pretty much history. We’ve been able to grow out business every year by 20% over the last 25 years. We felt little change during the economic crisis because of what we take care of. It seems as though pain doesn’t sleep and there is no truer statement than that.

So every morning I get up and I get in my car and I drive to an office where I see somewhere between 20 and 40 patients who’s chief complaint is pain. The word pain is the most commonly sought after treatment descriptor used by patients. So 90% of all doctors visits in the country are because of the word pain or a symptom of something else that is painful. So when you think about the numbers of doctors visits there are and you take 90% of that, it’s a pretty good size chunk of people. Over the last 25  years, the people who have not been in the pain field have probably been unaware that we have seen a violent swing in the pendulum of pain and pain management.

In 1992, when I graduated from the UCLA program I was given an academic appointment at two university hospitals in southern California to become an educator for doctors taking pain fellowships—so all the doctors out in America who are anesthesiologists or physical medicine or rehabilitation doctors or neurologists—who were going through a one-year pain fellowship program to become a pain expert, were educated [5:40] by me if they went through the [5:43] program or the UCSD program. Unfortunately for them, their program is one year long and during that one-year fellowship they are expected to learn all there is to know about the word pain and all of the procedures that are associated with pain. Unfortunately, more than half of all pain visits to pain centers in America do not involve head and neck pain but rather back pain and other such disorders.

So a lot of the people who are the pain experts in your town or your borough are not necessarily going to be experts in the field in which I’m an expert in and vice versa. Once out in practice, I spent ten years in that educational position and program and during that time we saw the growth of the “Decade of Pain” it was called. So when I graduated from my program I had the equivalent of approximately 2000 hours of didactic and clinical training in the word pain. When the medical students coming out of UCLA graduated in 1992, after four years of medical school they had four hours in training in the word pain. So just to give you a reference point of the educational requirements for physicians at the time that we got started.

During the next ten years was focused on educating people within the healthcare field to adequate control of this word pain. And what we saw was a rapid upswing in the number of prescription drugs being delivered to the patient population under the auspices of pain control is what is important and the type of pain control that you used was not as critical as getting control of that pain. Now just for your information this was all based largely on some very good research done by a psychologist who happened to be my mentor when I went through UCLA and he wrote an article in the magazine, Science, which was titled “Pain Can Kill.” And what he showed is that uncontrolled pain compromises the immune system of, in his research, laboratory rats.

So he had two groups of rats. He injected them with tumor cells that they knew would cause tumors to grow in the lungs of the rats. He took one group and swam them daily in ice cold water. And he took the other group and he controlled all of their stress by keeping them comfortable, giving them as much food as they wanted, and making their life very comfy. And what he showed is that stress compromises the immune system and the ability of the body to fight off in this case tumor growth. And therefore his proposal was uncontrolled pain was very stressful to human beings therefore by not adequately controlling pain, you actually allowed the patient to get worse quicker and therefore that is where this all really started.

So you saw the development of hospice and the concept of not having “feeling doses”—I know I’m getting over some people’s heads here. But there’s a phenomenon known as “feeling doses” and that is the dose at which narcotics no longer provide adequate pain control. So there was no “feeling dose” on opiates or narcotics that did not have Tylenol in them and therefore through hospice care, patients were getting massive doses of narcotics for pain control. Well, over the years that morphed into if it was good for people who were dying of cancer, why wasn’t it good for the people who were having to live and therefore we had what we call “drug creep” occurring in the pain field. Where physicians who really weren’t trained in pain were seeing patients come back to their practice on large doses of morphine, large doses of dilaudid, large doses of other potent analgesic agents. And therefore there was this general consensus that, “Hey there’s no risks here and if you can make a person more comfortable you should.”

And just to let you know how really strong that lobby was, there was actually a number of lawsuits filed through the 90s where patients sued their doctors for inadequate control of their pain by not prescribing them adequate amount of narcotic. So here we are in 2014 and the pendulum, just like it does in a lot of fields, is swinging backwards and it’s swinging backwards hard and fast. Now we’re hearing and reading on the front page of the USA Today that the MyNyloxin people are making sure that we know about, “Hey pain and the indiscriminate use of opiates or narcotics is terrible. People are getting addicted to the drugs and this is terrible. And therefore what a great opportunity for MyNyloxin,” and I must agree 100%.

There could not be a better statement made than the statement that says that if you can adequately control a patient’s pain with a non-narcotic alternative, that is way over the top i.e. a homeopathic agent, that a person can access by themselves on their own. You give complete control to the patient, you give the right to take the pain down or away when the product works for them, and you give them exactly what the study that pain can kill takes care of. And that is reducing the stress associated with uncontrolled pain by giving the person the opportunity and the access to the opportunity to control their pain.

So two and a half months ago Dr. Cook calls me up and says, “Hey I got this new product that blah blah blah.” Well let me tell you all that it’s not the first time that I’ve heard there’s this new magic pill/product that’s coming out that’s going to cure pain. So I literally took that statement with the biggest grain of salt that  I’ve ever taken and I said, “How does it work? What is it made of?” and everything else to which I got some answers but those answers were not exactly convincing me. So I said, “You know Dr. Cook—or in this case Ron—you know Ron if it’s really that great, I see 20 to 40 patients a day. These are patients who by definition have pain as their chief complaint and the average patient that I see has 7-10 providers prior to me for whatever it is they’re here for. So if you are so sure that this product works so well, send me some bottles of it, I will hand it out and I will believe it if I see it.”

So Rob being the optimistic guy that he is said, “Fine if that’s what it’s going to take to convince you then fine I will send you.” So he sent me 30 bottles. This was not a minor investment on the part of Dr. Cook. But he sent them to me and said, “You know what I want you to be convinced and try it and however you want to use it, use it.” So I got the 30 bottles and I was the absolute biggest non-promoter of MyNyloxin that you’ve ever heard in your entire life. I walked into 30 rooms, not one right after the other, but I walked into rooms with patients and I said, “This is a new product that’s only available online. I have no idea if it’s going to help you. I need you to apply it to wherever you have pain, four times a day.” And that is the way I sold the product to the patients. And I thought to myself, “Yeah right this is going to work.” And I rescheduled them all for a week later.

So a week later, my assistant comes to the door because she seats the patient and gets an updated health history on them before I come in and see them. And she comes to the door and  she said, “Hey we got our first Nyloxin patient back today and they said they think it words pretty good.” And I said, “Oh really?” So I came in and I said, “Oh I gave you that stuff, what did you think of it?” And they said, “You know I feel much better. When I put it on I felt great.”

So very soon in one week as a matter of fact, I went from 30 people who I had an option of giving a narcotic to or continuing them on an increasing slow creep narcotic dose or a person who had a refractory muscle problem let’s say, to I would say safely 80% of the people that we say said it worked. And so I thought, “You know that’s pretty interesting because I can’t remember the last time I saw 80% of the people come back and tell me something worked,” number one. Number two, it didn’t have any odor. Number three, it didn’t have any side effects. Number four, it didn’t have any contraindications with other drugs. Number five, they could order it by themselves online. Number six, it cost—on a monthly basis—less than the person’s copay and the amount of fuel that they spent driving to and from my office. So to say I was impressed is an understatement. I was quite impressed. And I was impressed enough to, like Dr. Cook, bring it up to some colleagues of mine who promptly told me, “Oh it’s full of shit,” and they’d seen a lot of great products come along and they didn’t believe me and you know if I was so sure then I should you know prove it to them.

So let me start by saying I’ve never seen a product like this in 25 years of practice. The second thing I can tell you with confidence is there is no other product in the marketplace that I’m aware of that is as effective as this product is, in the method of delivery that this product is, at the speed at which this product works. I now have quite a bit of experience with this product and I will tell you that when using the gel or the roll-on topical, if the patient responds, they will respond likely within the first 15 minutes after they use it for the first time. And that has been present in a large enough number of people that I now, today, remember that I put it on 90% of the people that I saw at the site of their pain during their visit and today’s visit.

And the reason I do is because if this works, this is a true no-brainer. This is a truly remarkable miracle that is available to the population. And I can see without reservation that this product—if this product doesn’t go viral, it will be nothing shy of a miracle. I believe this product, once it gets in the hands of the people who have debilitating pain problems like trigeminal neuralgia. I see it as sort of called trigeminal neuralgia, this is also known—and everybody should look it up after we get off this call—trigeminal neuralgia is also known as the “suicide disease.” That is because the pain intensity is so great that patients, prior to us having alternatives in treatment, used to just simply kill themselves because it was so violent and so uncontrollable and their life was so miserable with it that they preferred suicide to living with it.

Now granted, we have other treatments now. We have a treatment that I provide right now for trigeminal neuralgia in which a patient comes in and they get an injection of anesthetic and steroid on a weekly basis for five weeks in a row. During the same period of time they’re placed on an anti-seizure drug that they slowly increase the dose on until they become pain free or they can no longer stand up. Now I say that kind of smiling tongue-in-cheek but the reality is that is a true reality. That these people have really no choice. They either will get control of the pain or they will not get control of the pain. And if they don’t, their life is over as they know it.

So I had a gentleman who was on his third injection. I had seen him previously about two years ago, he had trigeminal neuralgia. We gave him the oral spray and approximately a week after he started that spray, he started to notice a significant difference in the trigger ability of this phenomenon known as trigeminal neuralgia. Now the reason why that is so significant to me and should be to all of you is because he had not been responding as well on this time around treatment wise. And therefore he was two weeks away from being referred to a neurosurgeon for an irreversibly surgical procedure in which they cut a little window in your skull and do brain surgery on you or they put you in a custom-made headdress which holds your head in a specific position while they use a radiation source, known as gamma knife therapy, in which they burn the nerve to get this pain under control. What does that procedure cost? $50,000+. How reliable is it? Approximately 80-85%. How many people need it done more than once? Probably about 40% of the population have it done have to have it done more than once. And totally irreversible.

I’m sitting and I’m looking at a gentleman who’s an ex-Marine, who’s telling me that two weeks after I started him on a spray that he puts in his mouth of snake oil, he’s pain free. And that was the alternative to a $50,000 procedure that was irreversible. Ladies and gentleman, that catches anyone’s  attention who’s in this field and I can see with no doubt in my mind that if the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association of America, which there is one because it’s that bad, gets a hold of this what do they have to lose to try it? What is the downside for somebody to try the drug and the product that we have?

So these are the things that we are running into on a daily basis now. I can say without a shadow of a doubt number one, that my staff and I now are more surprised when a patient doesn’t respond to Nyloxin than when they do. Number two, venom as a treatment is not so out there, it’s been around for a long, long time. It’s just no one has taken it through all the hoops and you know i-dotting, t-crossing like Rick has done now. And he’s put it in the hands of people and the smartest thing that I think that this company has ever done is not put millions of dollars of product on the shelves of drugstores all over America because doctors all over America will not just believe you. Because it’s unbelievable what this product does.

So the long and the short of this comes down to the reality that you have now the ability to give a patient a product that they can completely access on their own. They can try it, if they don’t like it it’s like playing the lottery and if you don’t win, you get your money back. I mean it’s the most amazing, ridiculously obvious choice that there is. And to not try people on this product is going to be the biggest mistake that a lot of doctors are going to make. But I think we all have the opportunity to help educate the doctors in America and the healthcare providers, the allied healthcare providers, the doctors of chiropractic, and the doctors of acupuncture, and the doctors of you know the ancillary type of providers—the holistic practitioners of America. These are people who see just as many pain patients as I do as a dental pain specialist and you know my colleagues who are anesthesiologists see as medical pain specialists.

So this is a very powerful product. I think that the opportunity that’s been given to all of us is very unique. The “how much do I believe in it” I believe in it strong enough to have myself as a gold member, my daughter as a gold member, my other daughter as a gold member. I’m thinking about signing my dog up as a gold member. And you know that’s about as much as I can. You know with the Pain-Away prep product, you know I don’t see the future of my practice going to the dogs so to speak but you know? I didn’t see myself as a snake oil salesman two and a half months ago either and I am now.

You know when I talked to—I went and picked up some medication the other day and I was talking with the pharmacist and I was just reviewing with him. I said, “You know have you ever heard of this before?” And he said, “No.” And he looked at it and he looked at the box and he said, “Wow, homeopathic.” And he looked at, “Oh Asian snake oil. Wow that’s weird.” And I said, “You’re going to hear about this product.” I said, “This is the most amazing stuff that I’ve ever seen and I have seen a lot of stuff.” And he said, “Really?” And I said, “Yeah you know when I get my next order, I’ll bring you a bottle and just have it behind the counter here. And you know somebody comes up to the counter and has an ache or pain, just wipe it on them, then go let them pick whatever they want and just come back to your  counter before they leave and ask them if it’s better. And look if it’s better, they’ll know right then.”

I’ve started taking little videoettes with my cellphone on patients who have said, “Yeah I came in here. My head was a 7 out of 10. Ten minutes ago you put this stuff on my temples and you told me it was snake oil after we’re making this video and it’s a 1 out of 10 now as opposed to a 7 out of 10.” I mean it’s crazy. It is absolutely the craziest stuff I’ve seen ever. And so understand that the story is crazy, the story is unbelievable. So don’t try and make somebody believe it, just let them see it and seeing is believing in this product absolutely. And with a company that’s backing it like you guys are, which is that type of lottery that if you don’t win you’ll get your money back. I mean come on. Who’s not going to do that?

One of the things that I wanted to say and I didn’t want to mention it today. But you know in my practice today, I wrote no fewer than 20 prescriptions for narcotics. You have to understand that narcotics do change people’s lives for the better. So the goal is not to eliminate narcotics from the pictures because they are positively life-changing drugs for a lot of patients. But, if you can put this on board in a patient as an alternative or you can put it on a patient who is currently taking a narcotic and they can start to control heir pain better and lower their narcotic dose, then great. That’s what you want to do. And the ability of the doctors who don’t have prescribing privileges, then it’s a huge plus. You know the chiropractors, the acupuncturists, they see just as many pain patients as we do and  . But the reality is that now you have something to offer and you know what, offer it because you will be shocked at how well it works.


An MIE drinks a whole bottle of Nyloxin Extra Strength. We just got this in from an MIE. I was cleaning out my garage 4 days ago and lifted and moved things that I should not have. I started to feel back pain that night and started to use the ES gel and spray. It seemed to help but I was still in a lot of pain. Then at midnight in the 3rd day I woke up out of a deep sleep where the pain was almost crippling. It hurt so bad I was almost in tears. I remember Rik Deitsch talk about how one time he had so much back pain he drank the whole bottle of Nyloxin and it was gone in a few minutes. So I opened up the spray bottle from the bottom (it was so easy it just pops up) and I took the whole bottle. “OH MY GOSH” I could not believe it. My pain was 100% gone in less than 2 minutes and I was able to go back to bed and sleep like a baby. I know as a Gold that shot of ES cost me but I would have paid $500 to $1000 right then in there. In fact it was PRICELESS..

REMEMBER: The free sample is regular strength but for extra strength you can just take double the dosage.