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THE AGE PILL. . . this explains how the ingredients (listed below) will seriously turn back the aging clock.

Informative Age Pill Audio  just released with Tom Mower (formulator) about 25 min.   

This one goes much more into the ingredients listed below:


Glycation Can Take Its Toll Over The Years


This illustration cannot guarantee the same response.  Much will depend on user diligence of suggeste dosage —
3 capsules twice per day for maintenance  Please consult your Health Professional for any health concerns.

Ingredients found in AGE Revesal Pill

One important ingredient =NAD =Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide and nicotinic acid) is essential to all living cells. Vitamin B3 is biosynthetically converted to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD that helps to slow glycation (degneration) of the cells

Other ingredients = Beta Alanine (supports lean muscle mass), Alpha Lipoic Acid (supports insulin production and nerve pain), L-Carnosine (supports connective tissue), L-Carnitine (supports burning fat for fuel), DMAE (supports brain cells), Vit C (supports collagen absorption and the immune system), Pterostilbene (supports blocking of inflammation), Betaine HCL, (supports digestion & protein breakdown), L5 Hydroxtryptophan (supports stress, relaxation and sleep) . . . . all anti-aging ingredients . . . includes the new discovery thru space technology

More info here: and what GLYCATION is all about!


Obligatory disclaimer:   These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA nor does this product intend to treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any disease.  Please contact your practitioner for any health concerns.




How would you like to use the power of your own cells to make them behave like EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS using just food? DR RONGXIANG XU proved this in his 300 pg PDF. Unfortunately he was sadly murdered in 2015. BUT FORTUNATELY HIS RESEARCH LIVES ON AT: HARVARD, USC, UC DAVIS, CAL STATE LA!

Its already is world-wide known for use on burn victims and they used that technology now for the entire body!

The company now is in USA but they are just starting to get US websites going so please excuse the video translations in English that we have now.

3 min video on how it regenerates:

MEBO Founder: Video Introduction of National Rongxiang Xu Foundation. NOW AT HARVARD, USC, UC DAVIS, CAL STATE LA!!

MEBO – HUMAN REGENERATION HAS BEGUN… using the power of your own body!

How its done:

for Ultimate Stem Cell Activity and Rejuvenation like we’ve not seen before.   I’ve told some of you years ago they were regrowing fingers using energetic frequencies in RUSSIA. Guess CHINA beat them! It’s manufactured and shipped from USA! Rememeber I said ENERGETIC MEDICINE WILL BE THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE!!


MEBO – Selling in 40-countries, NOW available in the USA and Canada.
MEBO – A world leader for 28 yrs, always on the cutting edge in Human Cell
MEBO is a very successful organization producing $2 Billion annually.
MEBO – NEWS FLASH: In January 2017, USA based NORLAND Inc acquired 100% of the worldwide ownership of all facets of MEBO Intl!
MEBO activates the brain and stem cell activity to the extent of regrowing organs and chopped off fingers with full use, including the bone, tissue, nerves, nail, and… with the original fingerprint!
Clinical studies and Protected by  by 12 US Patents, and 17 International Patents.
Which of your Machines, Juices, Lotions, Potions, or Nutritionals ever grew back a finger with skin, bone, nail with the same finger print? An organ or a joint? 
Visualize MEBO coursing through your arterial and digestive system regenerating the cells in your joints, organs… your whole body.
MEBO – In just 2 yrs alone, over $1.8 BILLION in sales have been generated worldwide by MEBO Intl and NORLAND Inc.
MEBO – It’s almost impossible to find a near miraculous, clinically documented, consumable health product that everyone needs. Especially one that virtually NO ONE has even heard about!
MEBO – TRUE FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE – only 300 distributors in the USA and Canada now! This will surely be one of the biggest networking companies of all time!


Another Website to look at:

Enters into human cells in 10 minutes.  Excretes toxic scales in various colors in 16 to 24 hours & will continue to work for 10 to 90 days!!

There’s a 300 pg pdf also. Email me if you want it. The DR spoke at Harvard and Stanford regarding the skin regeneration. There are graphic photos.

They have tablets for regeneration and then a detox program that’s out of this world. You can actually see the different colored junk coming out of you w/in 16 hrs! Someone who was crippled started walking again in like 4 hrs??


for Ultimate Stem Cell Activity and Rejuvenation like we’ve not seen before.

We’ve all only been on Mebo for a few weeks and nobody complains… but rather everyone seems

happy with the results so far.


for Ultimate Stem Cell Activity and Rejuvenation

Obviously the potential Health and Financial benefits of representing MEBO are enormous and we welcome your call with questions, regarding the wholesale pricing and preferred Dist placement.

Also long term prosperity. Take immediate Action Now, and be the 1st in your circle of influence to represent MEBO!

Purchase Options:

Recommend 1 Detox & Min. 8 bottles (4 sets) MEBO

Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using our products


Here are 12 true reasons why you might want to consider adding H2 to your diet:

  1. Legitimate claims made by honest vendors of H2 products can all be backed by scientific studies which is not true of most supplements available on the market (note: please be wary of H2 companies making claims that seem too good to be true – you can always check in with us and we will ask the leading scientists in the industry who help us if we don’t know the answers ourselves)
  2. H2 neutralizes/reduces the most harmful free radical (hydroxyl radical), converting it to water according to the reaction H2 + 2*OH -> 2H2 (see Nature publication)
  3. By reducing the hydroxyl radical, H2 effectively reduces oxidative stress
  4. H2 effectively reduces inflammation which is associated with many diseases as well as aching body parts
  5. H2 doesn’t neutralize other useful and necessary free radicals which may not be the case for other antioxidants
  6. H2 is the smallest molecule (1/88 the size of Vitamin C) allowing it to be effective in areas that other much larger antioxidants and supplements will never reach
  7. H2 helps your body naturally produce other antioxidants such as glutathione – note that glutathione supplements offered for sale are proteins which get digested and broken down into other molecules in the GI Tract (stomach and small intestine) and therefore don’t do what people think they are intended to do
  8. H2 helps athletes in numerous ways including reducing lactate (lactic acid) production which can limit performance and training and published studies show H2 helps in recovery
  9. Molecular hydrogen leaves no waste product after neutralizing a free radical (as the byproduct is water) unlike other antioxidants that must either be neutralized themselves after donating their electrons to free radicals or must be removed entirely from the body
  10. Molecular hydrogen also appears to act as a signaling molecule, thereby providing many other benefits
  11. Molecular hydrogen is easily consumed with no additional calories
  12. Molecular hydrogen has no known adverse toxic effects and there has been no evidence found that you can take too much H2. However, for some people in rare cases, drinking hydrogen-rich water can cause loose stools, which for some is also an added benefit.


H2 Tablets & Portable H2 Go machine!

Make your own H2 water on demand!:



Introducing the Brilliantz GO, now you can create molecular hydrogen anywhere.

The Brilliantz GO represents the latest development in
portable hydrogen generators.
The GO produces approximately 1ppm or more of H2 depending on the settings and will improve with more use as the membrane is “worked in”.
The GO has a 350 ml glass container and you can also
attach different brands of water bottles to the GO
The GO can be used approximately 8-12 times between
charges and can be charged by connecting to a wall
plug, your car, or a computer with a USB plug.
The GO is priced 25% to 50% less than any other
portable product on the market even though the GO
uses superior materials and technology.


Bottled H2 with Stress B Vits and electrolytes! Makes everything else work better:

10% discount code is: DebbieH2Bev for

For more research go to the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation:

Most multi-functional Free Radical Scavenger & Antioxidant: H2


Trend to going CASHLESS


btc-logo With Great Danger Comes Great Opportunity

The Chinese character for crisis illustrates that “with great danger comes great opportunity”. Here is an illustration. What do you know about the movement to outlaw cash? It is picking up speed all

The Chinese character for crisis illustrates that “with great danger comes great opportunity“. Here is an illustration.

What do you know about the movement to outlaw cash? It is picking up speed all over the world. Bankers are saying it is inevitable. Already India has banned some currency and Australian banks are no longer going to accept or dispense cash at some branches. Here in the U.S. they want to outlaw the $100 bill and force you to use small denomination bills.

You see, if all the world’s people must use digital “money”, nothing more than some electronic digits on some banker’s computer, they can track everything down to the digital penny.

  • ·         How much your income is from all sources, even garage sales
  • ·         Exactly what you spend and exactly what products and services you buy
  • ·         Exactly how much you sell stuff for plus a transparent record of what you might have made “off the books” in the past.

Financial privacy has now become an evil to be stamped out. But, the real evil in this drive to stamp out cash is that the rulers of the world, the central bankers and billionaire elite, will gain the power to enforce draconian laws. The government of the U.S. is $19.8 trillion in debt. Do you think they’ll hesitate to simply begin taking money from your accounts in the guise of new taxes?

With our four largest banks buried in failed derivative debt and equity in the bank as low as 1.5% a new law legalizes “bail-ins” here in the U.S. It is simple, really. Any money you have on deposit in the bank is not your money! It becomes the bank’s money and you become a creditor of the bank.

When the banks fail this time around there is simply not enough “bail-out” money to save the banks that are “too big to fail”. Watch for a bail-in here in the good ole USA that will make the Cyprus bail-in theft look like petty thievery.

But, here’s the thing….the war on cash is driving cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, into the stratosphere. When it was first launched it came out at 12¢. Recently, the price has been hovering around $770 for one Bitcoin!

Bitcoin operates from the cloud using a disruptive technology called the blockchain. It is secure, encrypted, anonymous but transparent and, perhaps most importantly, it can’t be counterfeited. Unlike digital dollars that the idiotic PhD economists who run the Federal Reserve have dumped on markets using the term quantitative easing, nobody can dump Bitcoin on the market.

As you are well aware value is about supply and demand. The supply of circulating Bitcoin is limited by unalterable “baked in the cake” coding in the blockchain.

Small amounts of bitcoin can be “mined” by people with the computational power, but, like mining for gold, mining Bitcoin requires enormous effort, time and money.

Contact me how to get more BITCOIN!



Making Own Natural Deodorant!

I used to be a distributor for SUNRIDER INTL – Chinese Whole Food Herbs back before anyone knew about Green teas or Stevia. They were ahead of their times. They were the first ones to bring Stevia here in the USA. Anyway my husband loves the SUNBREEZE balms. I could have tried to make my own but I never knew what CASSIA oil was. Finally saw it was just Chinese Cinnamon. 3 yrs ago I bought the ingredients to make it but never got around to doing it?! FINALLY he needed an all day deodorant that really would last all day! The one I had made before did work but not for those hot and stressful days! That was just using Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water and just put in a spray bottle…needs to be diluted enough that it won’t plug up the sprayer…and then added my homemade concoction of essential oils that smelled like THIEVES OIL.

Oh forgot to mention the reason to make your own! Most deodorants contain ALUMINUM!! YUK!! Even the natural one was a crystal stick that worked amazingly well but it had aluminum also but they say too big to penetrate but my health ghuru, founder of NEWANGELAFOUNDATION didn’t trust that. soooo….


I used empty containers of SUNBREEZE …so you will have to be creative for your containers…combined the 2 links below by just adding some baking soda, a few drops of lavendar, rosemary, peppermint and maybe tea tree oil. The coconut scent really comes through! I combined these 2 techniques: I added the essential oils mentioned in the 2nd link to the 1st link.[/embed]!/~/product/category=4747006&id=24359922

ALso soo excited about making my own natural sunscreen!!! I totally forgot I had a TON OF ZINC OXIDE when I was making some lotion…but we don’t use sunscreen that much and so always have to throw them away from expiring even though I keep in the frig…

CHECK THIS OUT!!! I just ordered the other oils!!! Update: Made it and love it! I only put 1/2 the zinc oxide because don’t like it to turn white on skin. The SPF should still be fine…we can just reapply if have to.

Homemade bug spray also!

Omgosh FF a yr or so and now I am making my own MAKEUP!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Mineral makeup always dries up your skin like crazy and usually makes it look like an ELEPHANT SKIN! But if you add the right moisturizers that solves that issue! Once again thanks to wellnessmama! I knew about raw cacao but when I mixed it with the shea butter it turned it an ugly gray color and it made it gritty so i omitted that! but mixing raw cream/cocoa and use on face as a facial works great.

Husband’s been using the deodorant now and loves it. Works great. He’s running out again . This will be my 3rd batch coming up! So had to review here. Noticed Wellnessmama’s link not here. Hers says essential oils are optional? didn’t know just plain coconut oil/b.soda works by itself? I did NOT use any arrowroot.







Powerful Thought For LIFE!

Is there a Mind/Body connection? A few years ago there was a movie that came out: WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW? Can your THOUGHTS affect your future? Fast forward several years with the advances in Neuroscience, we can now better understand how our brain works! Here are a few links to get one started!

This 1st link gets more in depth about quantum physics! Especially after 20:00! God is not limited to space and time! There can be FUTURE scenarios for us depending on our THOUGHTS!  The Power Of The Brain | Part 3 | Dr. Caroline Leaf FAITH Dr. Caroline Leaf: Faith vs Fear FATIH vs FEAR. LISTEN TO THIS ONE FIRST …then either of the other two….but make sure you listen to #1 Dr. Caroline Leaf | How To Rewire Your Brain | It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth

Your thoughts will affect your future…the empty space is not empty …our thoughts are faster than speed of light…400 billions actions/per second?! It affects everything around us…

She has a book out:

For further study: These are more New Agey but they incorporate science also…AS Dr Caroline Leaf said they just borrowed these concepts and left Jesus out… Dr Joe Dispenza (he was in the movie: What the Bleep Do We Know) He was run over by a truck in a TRIATHALON! He healed himself from 6 broken back bones in 9.5 weeks! no surgery! Hashimoto’s gone from a 30 yr old!! Gregg Braden – Deep Truth – Conference Gregg Braden – Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate

And then this water documentary: Watch before taken down!  If gone look for someone to have post it? Water: The Great Mystery Trailer


Rechargeable Natural Antibiotic! Keeps on going and going!

My Doctor Suggests pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol is the latest in silver supplementation. Clinically tested to be as effective or more effective than other Silver solutions, MyDoctotrSuggests pH Balanced Hydrosol is the next generation in silver supplement technology. Formulated by DR GORDON PEDERSON who at first started out trying to disprove Silver’s safety and efficacy.

This solution is triple the strength of our normal solution. It contains 30ppm Silver Hydrosol, and is pH balanced to optimize your body’s absorption and increase potential benefits to your body systems, all while leaving your body in it’s naturally balanced state.

This new product is EPA Approved. The EPA has already given this and only this form of silver technology “non-toxic” status. It is a safe internal disinfectant – anti microbial agent.

It does everything you find in a good colloidal silver but more.

A big reason to use this silver is that it does not kill FRIENDLY bacteria! Read how crucial our probiotics are:

New York Time Article click here:

It’s classified as a totally different silver entity though (according to US patent office) because it is safe. Called “Silver Water Dispersion” – A stable dispersion of solids in liquids. The solids can maintain a magnetic field. This means they are so tiny that they are smaller than the water particles so they keep their charge in the water. They are “nano particles”. Size is .005-.015 micrometers. They are patent protected. Patented under the following title “treatment of humans with colloidal silver composition consisting of a colorless composition comprising silver particles and water”- wherein said particles comprise an interior of elemental silver and an exterior of ionic silver oxide. Wherein the silver particles are present in the water at a level of 5 to 40 parts per million and manifests significant antimicrobial properties. Patent #7,135,195

What this means is that Elemental silver is used as the core silver nano particle and has a silver oxide coating which maintains a charged silver coat that has antimicrobial properties, and it passes through the body and is unmetabolized. The definition of non-toxic is something that does not produce toxic metabolites. So silver nano-particles go in and come out unchanged…for this reason it produces no dangerous metabolites.

There are 8 different toxicology studies that demonstrate the safety of this silver. Even one that shows it doesn’t damage the good bacteria in the intestines.

The new silver engineered super charged nano-particles passes through the organs of excretion in a disinfecting way. This is important because silver cleanses the organs that cleanse the body. I’m sure this is a welcome change for the bladder, kidneys and other organs of excretion that are bathed in toxic waste.

The name colloidal silver still applies to this technology, but there is so much more to silver sol. It would take 258 years to accumulate in your body if none of it was ever excreted in your body. (according to EPA# k0143106)

US Patent claim #10: For malaria, fungal infections of the skin, bacterial infections of the skin, vaginal infections, tonsilitis, UTI’s, pelvic inflammatory disease, otitis, respiratory infections…any oraface of the body that may have a bacterial infection may be helped by using this orally or topically. (Orally twice a day


Click Here

or call: 866.660.9868

Enter or give on phone: PROMO CODE: FRSHIP and then under comments write the name of this blog: BountifulHealth4You or my name. When you refer someone they will also get free shipping and you will get a free bottle! 🙂

Silver Hydrosol

As an immune enhancing product, it has been presented to Tom Ridge (Secretary of Homeland Security) by Senator Orin Hatch for use as a first responder against bioterrorism and pandemics.

It is a First Responder product to be used against bio-terrorism, and infectious disease pandemics.

This is different than the old colloidal silver and has been demonstrated to be different technology. Safer than colloidal silver. The process uses elemental pure silver (not 98% or 97% pure)…

Sole is a super charged particle that carries the ability to neutralize an unlimited amount of pathogens.

Common ionic silver can neutralize one bacteria….Sole silver has catalytic capabilities, meaning it neutralizes one, but then neutralizes the next and the next and the next one. IT recharges itself to neutralize without limit. Because of this, common ionic or colloidal has to have HIGH concentrations. Sole silver can be low concentration because it works without limit. Levels so low you can drink it. Even at doses 200x the adult dose, it is safe to consume.

A person can safely take .005 kilogram per day every day for 72 years and not accumulate silver. This means you could safely drink 1 oz of this new silver every day for the rest of your life, and if none of it ever left your body you still wouldn’t accumulate silver in an adverse amount. Because it is non-toxic it can be taken internally. Because it has anti-microbial properties, it is an internal disinfectant. Patents are not medical approvals, but in order to get a patent, the claims must be proven.

In 1924 Colloidal Silver was patented and then 17 years later became public domain. The new silver sole technology is different. Nov 2006 – proven to be different and EPA has proven it to be non-toxic.

Doctors in 80 publications are credible. The US Patent Office is thorough and honest. The EPA is indesputable. FDA guidelines are conservative and just. General Carlton wrote a letter. Orin Hatch, and Dr. Rustin Roy – best material scientist in the world. All calling for you to feel the vibration of truth. The resonance of a new silver solution.

they are even trying on EBOLA with successHon. Alpha Kanu


Click here

or call: 866.660.9868

Enter or give on phone: PROMO CODE: FRSHIP and then under comments write the name of this blog: BountifulHealth4You or my name. When you refer someone they will also get free shipping and you will get a free bottle! 🙂

UPDATE: Just got this a few days ago from a well known researcher: If you want to know who please contact me.

Sent: Monday, September 29, 2014 5:40 PM

Subject: Re: Hydrosol Silver

BTW, Dr Gordon Pedersen is the NIH guy running the viral challenge tests (using most deadly strain of bird flu virus) at the NIH lab at Utah State University, who had originally tried to prove the FDA right by showing how toxic and bogus the nano-silver was, but became a true believer after his tests showed it was both highly effective and extremely low in toxicity.

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